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Holyland Gateway Tours is created managed by Edith Krauss​

Greetings from Holyland Gateway tours (HGT) HGT is an agency based in the Holyland that specializes in planning the best recurring tours with multilingual guides
HGT is dedicated in providing the highest quality travel experiences. Our team of experts will help you plan and book your dream tour, whether it’s a solo adventure, a family trip, Pilgrim group or just a friend’s trip for leisure, with a wide range of sites and customizable itineraries, that can suit every traveller’s style and budget, including guided tours, desert tours, excursions, and more. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of travel services, including hotel bookings, private transfers, tours with guides that speak your language, and more. HGT representatives will greet all their travellers at Ben Gurion airport upon arrival and transfer them back to the airport on their departure day. Our goal is to make your travel experience a memorable one and as smooth and stress-free as possible We look forward to making your trip to Israel and the Holyland a memorable and spiritual experience. All the best Edith Krauss Owner Holyland Gateway Tours HGT
Our mission is to offer travelers unrivaled savings at a selection of hand-picked Tours, creating unforgettable holidays at affordable prices.

Edith Krauss​


Our specialists are at the heart of Holyland Gateway Tours. They have experienced and Organized the tours and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your Holyland experience.​


What we do

Specializing in organizing TailorMade tours for all Sects of religions for all ages from Youths to Senior citizens from all over the globe..

Who we are

A long time experienced tour planner with over 30 years of experience.

What we believe

In Making your journey a spiritual and memorable one.